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Wheatland Senior Hockey League: Constitution


Updated – October 30  2023


Part I



1. The Organization shall be known as the Wheatland Senior Hockey League

2. This document is herein referred to as the “Constitution”

3. The objective of the League shall be to control, improve, and foster amateur hockey in the area which it embraces within the framework of Hockey Saskatchewan

4. With exception of those rules and regulations specifically herein, Hockey Sask rules and regulations shall prevail in their entirety.

5. The League shall be governed by Senior C rules as per Hockey Sask online handbook

6. Definitions under the Constitution are as follows:

a. “Affiliate” means a local minor hockey player

b. “Assignor” means the Hockey Sask representative responsible for assigning Officials to work games

c. “Board of Representatives” means the collective group of Team Representatives, President, and Vice President as designated within the Constitution

d. “Coach” means the registered coach of a Team as defined by Hockey Sask

e. “Full Member” means Team(s) that hold a permanent franchise in the League and who have paid all League fees, dues, fines, and applicable performance bonds.

f. “League” means the Wheatland Senior Hockey League.

g. “League Officers” means the President and Vice President of the League

h. “League Representatives” means the collective group of Team Representatives

i. “Manager” means the registered coach or manager  of a Team as defined by Hockey Sask

j. “Officials” means Referees, Linesmen, or Hockey Sask certified individuals that regulate League play

k. “Performance Bond” means the funds provided to the League to guarantee individual teams performance under the Constitution

l. “Player” means a registered hockey player on a Team as defined by Hockey Sask  

m. “Probationary Member” means Team(s) that hold a new franchise in the League subject to review by the Board of Representatives 

n. “Hockey Sask means Hockey Saskatchewan.”

o. “Team” means any Probationary or Full Member of the League

p. “Team Representative” means the person appointed by an individual team to represent the Team

q. “Trainer” means the registered trainer of a Team as defined by Hockey Sask




Part II



7. Membership shall consist of Teams classed as Full Members and Probationary Members

a. Probationary Members may be admitted subject to meeting application criteria set by the Board of Representatives

i. New applications for Probationary Members must be received by August 1 each year

ii. Decisions on admission of new Probationary Members shall be made by the Board of Representatives by September 1 each year. This can also be made at the spring biannual meeting.

b. Probationary Members shall be subject to payment of applicable fees within Section 64 of the Constitution

c. Probationary Members shall enjoy all privileges of Full Members including right to vote at biannual meetings.

i. Notwithstanding Section 7(c) herein, Probationary Members shall not be entitled to vote on granting of Full Membership or awarding of new Probationary Members

d. After one-year Probationary Members by 60% majority vote of the Board of Representatives may be admitted as Full Members

i. By vote of the Board of Representatives Probationary Membership may be extended by up to one year

8. Teams may be granted a leave up absence for up to two one-year terms by majority vote of the Board of Representatives.  

9. Membership may be revoked by 60% vote of the Board of Representatives

10. Each Team is responsible to provide a Team Representative as the official representative

a. Alternates may be appointed as necessary

11. Each Team is responsible to provide current contact information for Team Representatives and Alternates.

12. Each Team  shall have one vote in any applicable League matter , the team will appoint the representative at the start of the meeting.

13. The President shall vote only in the event of a tie.

14. The Vice President shall not have a vote.

15. Notwithstanding Section 13 herein the President shall not vote on admission of Probationary Members, admitting Probationary Members to Full Member Status, or on appeals made to the League Representatives.

16. League Officers shall consist of a President and Vice President, elected at a biannual meeting.

17. Teams are responsible for provision of representatives to serve executive positions as required within the Constitution. A league officer maybe from a non member team. If a league officer is from a non member team that person or persons can be relected each year.

18. There shall be appointed positions for Secretary/Treasurer and Statistician.

19. A team  League Representative, Coach, Manager, Trainer, or Player can hold a league officer position.  This will require the majority of the league members to approve.

20. The Board of Representatives shall hold biannual meetings in the spring and fall of each year.  The fall meeting shall be considered the annual meeting.

a. The date and location shall be determined by the President and each Team shall receive due notice. These meetings may be held virtually.

b. Any Team not having a representative at a biannual meeting shall be subject to a fine according to Section 60 of the Constitution

c. Business at the annual meeting shall include, but not be limited to:

 i. Award Full Memberships to Probationary Members

ii. Elect League Officers

iii. Fill appointed positions as necessary

 iv. Any other business of the League as the Board of Representatives deems necessary

21. The Constitution may be amended from time to time by a 60% majority vote at any biannual meeting



Part III

Duties of League Executive and Board of Representatives


22.  The President shall have the power to represent any or all of the Board of Representatives on any occasion and will be responsible to the Board of Representatives for same and to:

a. Call meetings of the Board of Representatives whenever necessary or at the request of any three of the Team Representatives;

b. Give support to the Hockey Sask regarding any suspensions of any Team, Manager, Coach, Player, or Official;

c. Deal with business of a minor nature, not requiring the decision of the Board of Representatives;

d. Determine suitability of playing conditions of ice for games in the event of a dispute;

e. Draw up a playoff schedule in accordance with the Constitution and directives from the Board of Representatives;

f. Chair meetings of the Board of Representatives;

g. Deal with and rule on all protests;

h. Assess fines, suspensions, or expulsion from the League of any Manager, Coach, Player, Referee, or any other official refusing to accept or comply with the rules of the League for foul play or unfair or unsportsmanlike conduct individually or collectively at any place where hockey is being played or at any meetings; and

i. Draw up a schedule or appoint a representative to draw up a schedule after consultation with the Board of Representatives. Refer to rule # 70.

23. In the absence of the President the Vice President shall have all powers associated with the position. 24. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible to:

a. Record all minutes of the Board of Representatives and to attend to all necessary correspondence;

b. Send notices of all meetings to the Board of Representatives as directed by the President

c. Supply at the expense of the League a copy of the Constitution, score sheets, Player registrations, minutes, and other correspondence necessary to League business;

d. Forward to the Hockey Sask  a current copy of the League Constitution;

e. Record all receipts and payments, deposit all funds, and pay all accounts of the League as they come due and as directed by the President; and

f. Supply a copy a financial statement for biannual meetings.

25. The Statistician shall be responsible to:

a. Keep accurate statistics on the League website on all Teams and Players in the League;

b. Provide on a bi-weekly basis to all local newspapers and the Star Phoenix the League standings, top ten scoring leaders, and top goalie statistics; and

c. Maintain the League website as necessary.

26. The Board of Representatives, in accordance with the Constitution shall be responsible to:

a. Conduct the business of the League at meetings and during the season as required;

b. Consider and admit Probationary Members;

c. Consider Probationary Members for Full Membership;

d. Hear appeals of any decision of the League Officers;

e. Consider reinstatement of any suspended Team, Manager, Coach, Trainer, or other official;

f. Suspend or revoke any Probationary or Full Member from the League;

g. Act as sole custodian of all League Trophies and be sole judge as to where the trophies will be stored and maintained, and to purchase new trophies as deemed desirable. 





Part IV

Player Registration


27. The cut-off date for signing all Players shall be January 10th.

28. In certain circumstances Players may be added to a roster till February 10th as per Hockey Sask Regulations.     

29. Each Team is responsible to send and pay Team registration fees to Hockey Sask .

30. Each Team may have a maximum of 30 Players on their roster at any given time not including Affiliates.

31. An Affiliate is any local minor hockey Player, playing on a minor hockey Team.

a. Local Affiliate Players need not be registered with the League but they must be registered on a minor Team

b. The League affiliation form must be filled out and must accompany the Player roster.

32. All Players, Coaches, Managers, and Trainers must be registered with Hockey Sask prior to any game activities

33. Hockey Sask Addition/Deletion forms for all Team transactions shall be forwarded to Hockey Sask and League officers prior to involvement in any game activities

34. The Secretary will send each Team a copy of all final registered rosters following the cutoff date. This list will be available on the current year website.  

35. There is no maximum on number of transactions per team or player.

36. Import Players may only be added to a roster once per season, unless accompanied by a doctor’s note.

37. A maximum of eighteen skaters plus two goalies may be dressed for each game.

38. No additions will be added to any roster after the cut-off date with the exception of goalies for one that is injured and prevented from playing.

39.  All registered Players, unless injured, must play a minimum of 25% of regular season games to be allowed to play in the League Play-offs, unless a doctor’s note is provided.

a. Affiliate Players registered with the League prior to the start of playoffs are exempt from minimum games played qualification

40. The Team must dress a minimum of nine Players for all games.

41. Injury to a goalie, application together with a doctor’s certificate should be made to the League President who can authorize a replacement.

43. An import is classified according to Hockey Sask regulations with no exceptions

a. There is no restriction as to the Team for which an import or any Player may have played for or tried out for, or have been connected with in the previous seasons.  

b. Replacement goalies, under Rule 37 may be an import.  

c. Goalies are not considered imports.

d. Each Team is allowed up to  six imports on their roster at any given time, not including goalies. 

e. Playing for five consecutive years with the same Team the Player becomes a local status.

i. In the event of injury that prevents an import Player from being on a roster for a full season, when accompanied by a doctor’s note no loss of seniority for the purpose of 43(e) shall occur if not occupying a roster spot.

           f. Teams granted leave of absence will lose the consecutive years provision referred to in e.

           g. Teams will be allowed to sign 5 non-elite players without regard for population. Non-elite

              will be described as player that has not played more than 25 games at the U18AAA level. These players can reside anywhere in Sask


Part V

Rules and Regulations


44. The League Officers will only entertain protests dealing with points arising from the rules and regulations of the Constitution.

45. Protests and all supporting evidence thereof must be in duplicate signed by the League Representative of the protesting Team and Team Manager. 

46. Protests shall be forwarded to the League Officers and the Team being protested against via email within 24 hours of the advertised start time of the game protested with a deposit of one hundred dollars ($100.00), which will be forfeited to the League if the protest is not upheld.

47. The Team protested against shall have 24 hours from the receipt of the protest in which to file a defense.  A deposit of one hundred dollars ($100.00) must accompany this defense, and it will be forfeited to the League if the protest is upheld.

48. The League Officers shall rule on all protests meeting the requirements herein within twenty-four hours of receipt of the statement of defense.

49. All protest rulings shall be sent via email to the League Representatives

50. The League Representatives will hear appeals of the League Officers’ rulings on any protest when the appealing Team along with the support of three additional Teams request. 

a. In the event of an appeal request the President shall call a special meeting or conference call for the League Representatives to hear the appeal

b. A deposit of one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall accompany an appeal, to be retained by the League if the appeal is unsuccessful

51. The League Representatives may readmit or reinstate any Team, Manager, Coach Player or other official suspended or reduce or increase the suspensions and /or fines thereof.

52. Officials appealing a suspension need only write the President and the League Representatives will hear the appeal.

53. In the event of an appeal the President will present the League Officer’s ruling to the League Representatives followed by the appealing Team or Official presenting their case.

54. The League Representatives will by majority vote decide the results of the appeal

55. Decisions of the League Representatives may be appealed to Hockey Sask .






Part VI

Fines, Suspensions, and Fees


56. All suspensions and rulings shall follow current Hockey Sask rules and regulations

57. Notwithstanding the above the President may assess additional suspensions and/or fines above minimum Hockey Sask regulations if deemed warranted.

58. The League fees, including Hockey Sask certification fees, will be set at the Fall Meeting or at any meeting deemed necessary by the President

59. Any game played with any unregistered, suspended, or otherwise ineligible Player, Coach, Manager, Trainer, or other Team official shall be subject to Hockey Sask regulations

60. Any Team not having a representative at any meeting will be subject to a fine of fifty dollars ($50.00).

61. Any Team failing to return a game for whatever the reason or show up with less than nine Players shall be liable for a fine of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). Fines will be paid to the non-offending Team.  Officials will be paid regular fees if not notified.

62. A fine of ten dollars ($10.00) per game suspension shall accompany all Suspensions.

                a. Players with a 30-day suspension will be fined fifty dollars ($50.00).

63. League Officials shall review any Player receiving a 2nd Match or Gross Misconduct penalty in a single season.  

a. Any Player so reviewed has the right to appeal any decision.

64. Probationary Members shall purchase a League membership for two hundred dollars ($200.00)

65. The League Performance Bond shall be three hundred dollars ($300.00). The Bond must be paid to the League before any games may be played.

66. When Teams drop out of the League and the Team is considered to be in good standing the Board of Representatives shall determine if the Team Performance Bonds can be forwarded to next league joined; otherwise, Bonds are kept by the League



Part VII

Scheduling and Playoffs


68. The playing format of league play and playoffs will be set at every fall biannual meeting.  

a. Divisions may be instituted if necessary.

b. The Board of Representatives shall determine the number of teams in the playoffs and the number of games to be played in each round

69. A schedule will be drawn up by the League Officers within the framework of the information provided above.

70. A scheduling meeting shall be held with representatives from each Team to determine the dates/locations of all games.

a. The playing schedule will be inspected, discussed and approved by all Teams prior to the start of the season, after which there will be no further alterations except in exceptional circumstances.

71. All scheduled games must be played.  They may not be conceded.

72. Playoff positions will be decided strictly in accordance with Hockey Sask regulations.

73. In all rounds of the playoffs the following format will be used:

a. Determine the Teams involved in a particular draw and follow the format below:

b. The Team with the highest number of points shall play the Team with lowest number of points.  2nd highest plays 2nd lowest and so on. This format continues depending upon the number of Teams involved.

74. In a one divisional structure the Team with the most points will always have home game advantage.  If there is more than one division the Team with the most points against the opposing division shall have home advantage. If there is an uneven number of teams in a division the team with more points gets home advantage. In the event of a tie Hockey Sask tie breaking rules shall apply.

75. The League Officers shall have the right to vary the length of series if weather conditions make necessary or desirable.

76. Postponement of scheduled games, whether in regular season or play-off games, except in very adverse weather or because of illness of several Players, must be arranged between the Teams concerned at least 48 hours if possible before the scheduled game time, and the President and Assignor must be notified of postponement and rescheduling.

77. All postponed games or rescheduled games must be played before the end of the regular season schedule.

78. Any Team postponing a scheduled League Game in order to participate in an exhibition or other game whether at home or away from home shall forfeit their bond to the League, unless mutually agreed by both Teams.

a. Teams agreeing on a postponement of scheduled games must at the same time agree to the date the makeup game is to be played.  Should this not be done within 3 days of the date the game was supposed to be played, the President shall consult the schedule and deem the first day both Teams are not playing as the date for the makeup game to be played.

79. All Teams of the League must be aware that their priority in any games they may contemplate playing or competitions they may consider entering is to the playing schedule of this League.  The League shall be deemed more important than other games.  Cancellations must be reported to the President immediately.

a. Hockey Sask Provincial Games are considered an exception

80. Tie games at the end of regulation shall be handled in accordance with Section 80 (a)(b)(c) below:

a. At the conclusion of regular season games there will be a five-minute sudden death overtime, with no break.

b. If at the conclusion of the five-minute overtime period the Teams remain tied and shoot-out will occur.

i. Shoot-outs will follow current NHL rules

c. At the conclusion of playoff games overtime shall be a flood after the 3rd period, change ends then twenty-minute sudden death period(s) until winner is declared.

81. Overtime periods will be played three on three during regular season, during playoffs overtime periods will be played five on five.







League Awards


88. The Team winning the playoffs shall receive the League Championship Trophy. This team will also receive a banner.

89. The Player deemed most valuable Player in the playoffs shall receive the Playoff Most Valuable Player trophy

a. Playoff MVP is determined by the winning Team Coach immediately following the championship game

90. Individual awards shall be presented under the categories detailed in Section 91(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f)(g) herein:

a. Most Valuable Player as voted by League Representatives

b. Outstanding Defenseman as voted by League Representatives

c. Most Gentlemanly Players (Jim Holland Memorial) as voted by League Representatives

d. Rookie of the Year as voted by League Representatives

i. Eligible Players must be in their first year of senior hockey, be 21 years of age or younger as of December 31 in the calendar year in which the current season began.

e. Top Scorer

i. Determined based on individual Player regular season point total

ii. In the event of a tie the award would go to the Player with the most goals

f. Most Valuable Goalie (Doug Boon Award) as voted by League Representatives

g. Combined Lowest Team Goalies Goals Against Average

i. Determined based on Team regular season goals against average (GAA) statistics

91. Award winners will be provided with engraved trophies or plaques at the cost of the League

92. Procedure for awards as voted by League Representatives to be completed in accordance with Section 93(a)(b)(c)(d)(e) herein:

a. At the conclusion of the regular season each Team shall submit to the Secretary/Treasurer individual nominations from their own Team for each award, placing the sweater number worn during the year beside the name.

b. The compiled list shall be sent to the League Representatives for voting

c. Each Team will cast votes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice with 3, 2, and 1 point being awarded respectively for each vote received.

d. The winning Player shall be awarded based on the number of points received.

e. Teams shall not vote for their own Player(s)

93. Awards shall be provided to applicable Teams for presentation as determined by the respective Team(s).

94. League Officers presenting awards shall be provided mileage by the League



Part IX



95. It is the responsibility of the home Team to email all game sheets to the League Officers and Statistician immediately following the game.

96. The home Team keeps all gate receipts from both League and Play-off games.  The profit or losses are to be absorbed by the home Team

97. Each Team will complete a form giving details of Team Officials, colors, playing dates before the start of season.

98. Home Teams are to supply a minimum of 40 pucks for warm up.

99. The following League Officers will be entitled to an honorarium set at the Fall Meeting:

a. Statistician - $50.00 per Team and the League to pay $50.00 per Team

b. Secretary - $50.00 per Team and the League to pay $50.00 per Team

c. President - $50.00 per Team and the League to pay $50.00 per Team

100. The League will pay telephone, postage and other expenses incurred by the League Officers.

101. Each League Officer shall receive gate passes for themselves and their spouse for free admission in any rink for League play and playoff games

Tisdale Ramblers 5 3 1 1 7
St. Brieux/Lake Lenore Rivals 5 3 2 0 6
Jansen Jets 5 3 2 0 6
Kinistino Tigers 3 2 1 0 4
Hudson Bay Hunters 4 2 2 0 4
Porcupine Plain Blues 3 1 1 1 3
Nipawin Knights 3 0 3 0 0